Nov 21, 2014

Songs of Innocence

C. Joybell C. once said: “I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway... let them be better people, let them believe more in themselves.” 

Last week, fresh from the hospital, I was granted a wonderful chance to visit Keys School Manila where I was invited by the lovely faculty and staff especially Teacher Joyce to be a resource speaker to talk about Journalism and Blogging, a new topic that they are introducing into their curriculum as a special project. After my talk, the kids are going to come up with their own web blog wherein they can talk about their interests, hobbies, feelings, emotions etc. I was thrilled when I received the invite. Usually, I don't agree to give talks as much because I go to work on weekdays however since I was given the week off (from my recent confinement) and because I just simply cannot say "No" when it involves kids, I instantly responded that I was more than willing to go and give a short talk. You see, I love children. I really do. I find it refreshing to be with the young ones because there is something so magical in seeing the world through a child's eyes: with so much innocence, enthusiasm and spirit. If anything, I would love to be around that kind of energy more often because it is so pure and untainted by the world's ways. It was a beautiful day when I went to the school and the experience was absolutely unforgettable and one for the books. I am so glad to have been there since this was a day I definitely would not have missed out on the world.

Nov 18, 2014

'Cause Darling I'm a Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream

Okay, so I don't quite know how accurate this title is but granted I am self-deprecating, I wanted to post is as it was one of my favorite lyrics to that new very self-deprecating song, Blank Space, which is what almost everyone is talking about... along with THAT photo that broke the internet that just had this weird effect on me because I felt like there was too much oil involved. Okay, not to veer off from topic, I always liked Taylor Swift as an artist and love her songs (even her unreleased ones) but before, as a person... not so much. I always felt there was something she was hiding with her squeaky clean image and since I am one of those people who love to admit my faults before anyone else could point them out, I felt like she was hiding something. With her new look, sound and image with her 1989 album though, I've begun to see a more human side to her and I liked it that she went over and beyond that and exaggerated how she is portrayed and showed off her flaws in such a self-deprecating way that made me really really like her. I think as humans, we are all flawed. But it is up to how we accept them, react to them and use them (sometimes to our advantage) that matters. So right now that she is showing a more fun and "hey, I'm also human" side... I like her as a person too. I have to admit  I haven't quite given myself enough time to recover after the fuss of last week since the minute I was released, I found my schedule full of appearances and commitments that I have signed off to even before I got sick. Granted that these commitments involve an advocacy that is very important to me, I couldn't live with myself if I were to just cancel last minute so after I checked out from being admitted... I found myself planning my wardrobe for the days to come which involved me in very demure, dainty and classic pieces since these engagements I booked all involved education, which as you know is a very important cause to me and something that I will fight for no matter what. I decided to postpone the time needed to recuperate so I may attend to these functions because I am professional and I will go above what is expected especially if it involves this particular cause. I'm human, I am flawed but here I am trying my best to represent... and in this ensemble, it would be hard to go wrong with the entire representation thing as it was in every way elegant. This is my usual outfit for daily life as I want to represent myself in a very put-together and classic way especially as I represent one of the most rapidly growing scholarship and educational foundations as I am its Executive Director. As I am an advocate of situational dressing, I try to be respectful of the environment I am in and the cause I am representing and that involves dressing up in a manner that is graceful, dignified and refined. 

Nov 17, 2014

I Know Places

I apologize for the lack of updates since as you know... I've been taking my sweet time recuperating and I am glad to be back at full swing. A common misconception about bloggers is that we are always made up and dressed to the nines. I know for a fact that I take more time for what I wear than the average person but there are some days when you just want to wear a simple outfit and have it as it is. This was one of those days. This is probably as laid back as it will get for me... Plan white tee, boyfriend jeans and a blazer. Oh, and my new favorite flat shoes: my leopard Jessica Simpson ballet flats. Yes, I know, I am in flats and I find myself being in flats a lot since years of donning platforms, 6 inch (or more) heels or even heel-less "how can she even walk in those shoes" pairs, my back is having to pay for it. Upon the advisement of my doctors and my very strict parents: the lower the heels, the better. Now, I have to admit that I do not exactly follow that but rather considered it as a suggestion, tried it for a few days and went back to my high heel wearing ways. What can I say? Life's too short to wear boring shoes... (well granted these shoes are quite a statement but you get what I'm saying...)

Nov 13, 2014

'Cause I remember every sunset...

“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!” 

- C. Joybell C.

I know that it is often something taken for granted especially by urban dwellers like me but the sun setting and the sun rising are two of the most wonderful sights to behold. I used to always love the sun rise since it signified a new day and I am all about new beginnings but now, I am also able to appreciate the sun as it sets and see it as a time to give thanks for the wonderful day that has gone by. As I get to experience full days and early nights, I find that my days are marked by when the sun comes up and when it comes down...each day culminating with a promise and ending with relief and satisfaction for being able to have survived the day. I know what other people would say: "that the sun rises and sets every single day and its absolutely free..." but just because it is something you know will happen for sure doesn't make it any less beautiful, important or worth watching. I rarely get to see the sun set in the open air because I usually leave the office far too late and a long time has probably elapsed by the time I get out and this is probably the reason why on days like these, when I can afford the opportunity to actually see it as it unfolds, I don't take it for granted. I watch in awe and wonder and it is very therapeutic. I've needed a lot of therapeutic things lately and there is nothing better to provide that than what is natural occurring in the world as we know it. It's nice to remember to be present in the now and also to me reminded that there are some things that don't require a hefty price tag that can take your breath away.

Sweet Fantasy

I was fortunate enough to have been able to watch the Mariah Carey concert a week or so back and I was immensely happy that I didn't skip it as I was highly entertained and it was, of course, such a privilege to have been able to watch her belt out to her songs live. She truly was an extraordinary and talented performer and her voice range is simply out of this world. I spent the night watching it with my mom, dad and my FOSSIL Dominique and we were all so busy dancing and singing to the songs and of course taking over a thousand photos and videos so we can relive the moment over and over again. Since we were able to score seats in the best location of the arena, I decided I wanted to style it up a bit and veer away from my usual concert wear of graphic top, skinny jeans and heeled boots and instead wear a classic and clean crisp button down shirt with a black tulle maxi skirt. I was channeling Carolina Herrera, subconsciously, I think and that was not at all a bad thing since I think she is grace, elegance and class personified when it comes to personal style. I always have been a fan of how she is able to make the classic white shirt EVERYTHING and how she can simply style it up for different occasions- with my favorite look being for when she styles it with a skirt and beautiful accessories like in this photo here. I do hope I was able to give justice to my style inspiration with this ensemble.

Nov 10, 2014

First Things First

First things first, after the three post hiatus of costumes and rocker chic outfits, here I am back in my corporate attire also known as my uniform and I am incorporating my two favorite colors: powder blue and powder pink. The colors I have been wearing have mostly been muted (nothing to glaring or bright) as I feel I am at that point in my life where I am calm, serene and prefer not much noise and theatrics. I wore this on a Hmmph-day Wednesday where I also had a great (yet very long) lunch over at Wild Flour which was always fulfilling. Everyone always inquires what my favorite cuisine is and my automatic answer is: Comfort Food as I have decided that deserves it own food subgroup. Actually, I rarely do lunch out on weekdays and prefer to eat packed lunch in the office which is why it surprised me when I saw how much people were there (the restaurant was packed and there was a waiting line) to eat lunch out. I know it may not exactly be a big deal to anyone at all but since I am in this new stage in my life by working in our foundation, I choose to see the world with fresh eyes and a child like curiosity- things as mundane as these actually fascinate me. Call it crazy but I think it's important to see the beauty in even the most simple matters and also to still be amazed over little things.